What is meant by color temperature?

The Kelvin (K) is the unit of color temperature.  4150K is the brightest, most natural white light similar to that of daytime sunlight,and therefore the color temperature used most by PIAA as a base for our technology. Blue light is more fatiguing to the eyes, both to oncoming traffic and to the driver.  Oncoming cars will see your lights for only a brief time, but as the driver, you must deal with it for the duration of your drive.  The bluer the tint cast on the road and surrounding area, the more quickly your eyes become tired.

What is the difference between a fog light & a driving light?

Fog lights provide illumination forward of the vehicle that enhances visibility in fog, rain, snow, or dust. Fog lights are intended to be used in conjunction with standard headlamp low beams. Driving lights are mounted to provide illumination forward of the vehicle and intended to supplement the high beam of a standard headlamp system. It is not intended for use alone or with the low beam of a standard headlamp system.

My lamps have water in them, how can I stop this from happening?

Some moisture inside the lamp is normal. The lamp should dry out after a few minutes of operation. If it doesn’t, check the following:

  • The lens may be upside down. The PIAA name must read right side up so the vent on the bottom can drain.
  • The lens/reflector unit may not be mounted tight against the lamp housing. Loosen, then re-tighten the screws.
  • The gasket may be twisted or pinched. Some gaskets have a vent gap. Make sure it’s on the bottom.
  • Lamps with a “Snorkel” type wiring grommet in the back of the housing must have the opening facing down.
  • In damp conditions some condensation in the lens is normal.  They should clear after a few minutes of operation.
  • The PIAA name on the lens must be right side up or the vent will be on the top and fill the lamp with water.  Make sure the lens vent is clear and any other vents, such as the “snorkel” grommets on the back of some lamps, face down.  The gasket must be straight and the lens fitted firmly to the housing.
  • 90 Pro lamps have a vent on the back of the housing.  If the lens is turned over, the vent must be reversed also.