SHINAJI TRADING, The Official Distributor of PIAA in Australia

SHINAJI TRADING, The Official Distributor of PIAA in Australia

PIAA 2nd Gen 6000K LED Bulb Kit

PIAA 2nd Gen 6000K LED Bulb Kit

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PIAA latest 6000k LED conversion kit. Performance and style lighting system.



Why buy the PIAA LED?

With its new LED range, PIAA may have just outdone its competitors in the automotive lighting industry. Refusing to choose between performance or style, the PIAA LED headlight range instead opts for both. With a striking white 6000K light, the LED range will satisfy the most style-savvy of drivers, while the company’s masterful grip over LED technology also ensures an immensely powerful light projection. The PIAA LED is capable of producing up to 200% more light than a standard halogen, ensuring potential hazards are lit up much sooner, for a safer, more comfortable drive.

Designed to PIAA-Japan’s rigorous standards of manufacture, the LED range utilises various technologically innovative components in order to achieve the best light possible: a specially heat-management system includes a cooling fan to maximise heat endurance; Anti-Flash pulse control units ensures a bright beam consistency; and a robust casing protects against vibrational damage up to 10G and any number of potentially harmful weather conditions.

Other such bespoke compositional features include a precisely aligned 0.9mm ultra thin PCB and LED chip – an essential feature in facilitating maximum LED light output when dealing with factory-fitted halogen headlamp units. The dramatically increased light output of the PIAA LED is also characterised by a 6000K colour temperature, which provides a sensitive light colour closely matching daylight, helping to keep you alert and at ease behind the wheel at night.

Miraculously, this multitude of features comes at no cost to the bulbs’ lifespan, which offers over 10,000 hours of usage and is backed up by PIAA’s 3 year warranty. Upgrade your vehicle’s headlights to PIAA’s LED range today, and see for yourself the immense benefits on offer. (The PIAA LED’s pulse control system ensures a stable operating voltage of 9-40V for most vehicles, thereby avoiding the ‘bulb error’ message that often occurs when retrofitting LED headlights. In some cases, however, a bulb failure warning may appear on the vehicle’s dashboard upon installation: this is a harmless side-effect and can be easily resolved with the additional purchase of a CANbus control unit.)

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  • 6000K colour temperature
  • Up to 200% more light than standard
  • Unique cooling fan system for enhanced heat sustainability
  • Superb durability – vibration-proof up to 10G
  • Huge lifetime – over 10,000 hours
  • Precisely aligned LED chip for maximum light output
  • Stylish white light similar in colour to daylight
  • Simple ‘plug-and-play’ installation
  • Three year warranty
  • Made to PIAA-Japan’s high manufacturing standards
  • Off-road purpose only